Terms & Condition

Special Note:

The CiB Net Station Sdn. Bhd. gaming platform (later referred as "CiB Net Station") would like to remind all users that you are advised to read this agreement carefully, and you can choose not to conform to this [Agreement]. (The review of this agreement by minors should be done under parental guidance).

Users’ acceptance of this agreement or any usage of our services signifies that the users are automatically bound to the Terms of Services set between the users and the CiB Net Station parties, which includes alterations made on the Terms of Services by the CiB Net Station party at any time. All Terms of Services are subjected to amendments by the CiB Net Station party and once posted on the website will be deemed effective and substitutes the original Terms of Services agreement.

If the user does not agree with the modifications made on the Terms of Services Agreement, the user should stop using all network services provided by CiB Net Station. However, if the user wishes to continue using all CiB Net Station network services, the user is required to accept all modifications made on this Terms of Services Agreement.

Agreeing to this agreement also means that the users are aware of and will be cautious in the usage of all game related services as well as non-game related services provided by CiB Net Station which includes and not limited to transaction done electronically, usage of any e-materials belonging to CiB Net Station, damages and limitations.

Before you register yourself as a user of CIB Net Station network services, you are advised to read the contents of this agreement in detail and the continuous usage of any of our services will signify that you agree with the content of this agreement.

1. Obligation in relation to ID/Account Registration

1.1 When the user agrees to register, login, or to use the CiB Net Station authenticated user account (later referred as "user Account"), they are required to provide their personal information which should be complete, accurate and true; users are also obliged to make amendments on any errors or false information of themselves to prevent from any unwanted consequences and CiB Net Station will not assume any responsibility for the said consequences.

1.2 According to the State's user Information Provision, the users are obliged to change their information that is deemed to be untrue or distorted based as required by CiB Net Station. However, it should be done out of good faith and the principle of good faith to ensure that no loss is to be encountered by the user and CiB Net Station.

2. Account and Password Handling

2.1 When registering for an Account, the user must choose a name that can be used by CiB Net Station's staff to identify the user (your "Account ID"). The user cannot select his/her Account ID as name of another person, or a name which violates any third party's trademark right, copyright, or other proprietary right, or which CiB Net Station deems in its discretion to be vulgar or otherwise offensive.

2.2 Users agree that they are solely liable for all actions taken via own password, whether or not made with the users' knowledge or authority, and agree to guard these passwords carefully, with the full awareness that a failure to keep it secure will enable others to engage in transactions through the website for which you will be legally responsible. CiB Net Station will not assume any legal responsibility on any loss of password or account stolen that will damage the rights of users/other users.

3. Eligibility/Prohibition of Use of Service

3.1 CiB Net Station prohibit users to engage in activities that are inconsistent with the Agreement and to engage in illegal activities, which includes but not limited to infringement of others' legal rights, transmission of pornographic materials or other statements that will violate social ethics, transmission or spreading of viruses, illegal transaction or advertising, and disemination of false information and other criminal acts.

3.2 Users have to take full responsibility of their actions and activities in game and CiB Net Station will assume no responsibility over it. Illegal actions taken in game will enable CiB Net Station to intervene immediately and reasonably, and to report the issue to the judicial agencies when necessary. Any loss that is caused by the user, should also be fully compensated to CiB Net Station by the user.

3.3 Via this agreement, users too agree that all transactions with or through the website or other services related to CiB Net Station can be conducted electronically. CiB Net Station hold rights to keep records of any type of communication conducted via any platform that is under the CiB Net Station. Electronic records here can be referring to records that are either properly address or non-properly address to recipient.

4. Content in relation to service provided

4.1 This Agreement refers to all games published by CiB Net Station, which will be refer to as "software" in later stages, whereby users can install, use, display or run the software on a single unit computer, server, work station or other digital electronic devices (collectively referred to as "Computer"). This agreement also covers all softwares that can be accessible via the URL Link: http://mall.cib.com.my and other related web sites that are produced and provided by CiB Net Station. CiB Net Station reserves the right to change the URL Address of their web sites from time to time.

4.2 Users are not allowed to modify, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, copy or distribute any game data or service data, or to use any third party software to alter the software's program or to increase the function that cannot be found within the CiB Net Station setting. All software and data that is related to CiB Net Station cannot be reproduced or implemented without consent from CiB Net Station, unless it is stated otherwise by CiB Net Station.

5. Ownership and Management of IP

5.1 Rights Reserved: The CiB Net Station reserves all rights to all of the company's published games and services, unless it is clearly stated otherwise in the agreement. The user is not allowed to misuse the game registration, login and server activities for any illegal purposes that is deem harmful to CiB Net Station or other users.

5.2 Intellectual Property Disclaimer: All intellectual property rights of all softwares and other related services belong to CiB Net Station which comprises but not limited to written expression including the combination of icon, map, decorations, graphics, colors, interface design, layout framework, game data, user data, printed materials, and other electronic documents. All content within games and web sites (includes but not limited to the game name, game program, theme, story, game characters, scenes, sounds, visual effects, etc) such as the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret and other title of rights belongs to CiB Net Station. User only holds the rights to non-commercial personal use of the software and other related services.

6. Compensation/ Refund Policy of the Company

6.1 CiB Net Station and its company's cooperation partners will not assume any of the user's loss due to unavoidable technical failures that will affect the normal operation of CiB Net Station services.

6.2 CiB Net Station does not support any trading of virtual item via third party medium due to certain security issues, hence CiB Net Station will not assume responsibility for any virtual property transaction that is done via a third party medium. Users who insist to trade their virtual item or their user account via a third party medium or through offline methods will bear all losses and possible risks themselves.

6.3 User is also aware that all services provided by CiB Net Station is inclusive of an expiry date and users, abiding to this terms and uses, has agreed that no request of refunds and returnables are to be allowed or entertained throughout our service usage period.

7. Update/ Termination of Services

7.1 CiB Net Station will send out a prior announcement when the network server is about to be suspended due to system maintenance or system upgrade. However, the company too reserves the right to suspend or to terminate the network services (includes interruption or termination halfway) without informing the user in advance.

7.2 CiB Net Station reserves the rights to replace, modify, upgrade the user’s software at all times and the rights to replace, modify or to upgrade the fee charges. CiB Net Station also reserves the right to interrupt the Service from time to time on a regularly scheduled basis with or without the prior notice in order to perform maintenance.

8. Indemnity

8.1 The user agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless cause toward CiB Net Station and its subsidiaries and affiliates and their respective directors, officers, shareholders, employees, agents, Service Provider Customers, clients and contractors from and against any loss, claim, demand, cost and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) asserted by any third party due or arising from or in connection with the user's usage of the Service, Content, violation of the Terms of Agreement and violation of any rights of another User. CiB Net Station reserves the right to assume any exclusive defense and control or any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by the user, which shall not excuse the user's indemnity obligations.

9. Tariff Policy

9.1 CiB Net Station reserves the right to decide the tariff policy and charging methods for all of the company's game products and services. Via this agreement, user accepts that different product and services may have different charges and different method of charging. This is also applicable to cases such as different stages of the product and services provided will lead to different tariff and charging methods.

10. Data Protection Policy

10.1 CiB Net Station will not disclose any registration information without users' consent, which includes name, personal IC number, contact number, address and other personal information to third party members, unless requested by legal authorities..

10.2 Upon registration, users who agreed to disclose all their personal information or when user has made an agreement between CiB Net Station and the company's cooperation partner to disclose of personal information will bear all risks that may arise and CiB Net Station will not assume responsibility over this.